100 Days Art & Comics Challenge Episode 2. Let’s meet the Cast!

So looks like my updates will be a day or so behind. Bad storm last night and basement’s been flooding, but art, work, and studying references were accomplished!!!  Here’s the latest video and please feel free to ask questions if you’d like.

It’s time for me to become a Butterfly!

or stay crumpled up in my cocoon and end up in some kid’s bug collection until they’re little sister or brother find me and eat me!

So what’s new? Welp. I’ve decide to try out “Thee 100’s 100 Day Challenge”!
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/THEE100s/

The description goes as follows: “A group for everyone attempting the 100 day creating challenge where you set aside at least 30 minutes a day to work on personal projects.
Mostly its been creator owned comic projects, but includes all creations.
Started by Kevin Cross (http://www.kevincross.net/

Rather than focussing on just my own comic though I’d like to share some of the work I’m doing with fellow collaborators as well as some of my other creative studies and sketches.

I’ll be attempting to update once a week with a video and daily here on the blog with a brief rundown of what I worked on that day and a few images. Hope you stick along for the ride, Until the next time, here’s me!


From Mind to Physical Plane and back to Print Again….A look back at the printed work of J.M. Hunter.


(*special note and credit to Greg Jolly for the “Indy Hunter” typeface).

With this last application we get to see some of the work I’ve done that’s made it into print in one form or another. We’ll look at paintings that were turned into prints as well as comic covers that also found themselves as prints.

Others are illustrations and a shot or two at some publications I’ve either headed up or been apart of. So enough with these things called words!

Let’s get to the fun stuff, the images!


(You remember this guy right? The Mighty Cthulhu watercolor and white out pen scanned in and via photoshop’s Image/hue and saturation as well as playing with some levels this turned into a nice looking print.)



(what you see here are two DanCon covers that I drew in pen and ink, then scanned into photoshop to adjust the levles to get a bit more crispness with the lines. I left the blue line pencil marks in as a way of adding some tone and for the people that appreciate the steps in process it takes to draw these up. These also eventually made their way to glossy prints.)


(various works that I’ve done compiled onto one mood board. Button designs, posters, the anthology BAM TOO! that I published and co-edited. I did the logo concept and a few friends and fellow artists did the rest of the cover design and Sarah Lindo provided the painting. We also have some inked doodles on post its for the Inktober event during the month of well….October.)

All in all I believe this wraps up my latest round of learning and design journey. I hope you’ll stick around in some fashion because there’s more to come!

Thank you.

-J.M. Hunter

From Cthulhu to an Army of One? Hoo Rah! The Faithful Shall Be Consumed First!

So we start this next segment of the blog with a viewing of one of my paintings I’ve managed to scan in and touch up a bit in photoshop. (but not by much).

See? This particular piece came about by way of what I like to call, “Happy Accidents but Subconciously knowing you went there”.

So yea, I can’t get all Bob Ross on you, that guy’s just too smoothe!

So I was doing a series of watercolor paintings for some sketch cards for the upcoming Dan Con show back in 2014, (I will be tabling at 2015’s show as well!), and this was my working palette. Yup, all my left overs just sitting there and as you can see I was working in a certain value scale. Well I liked what I saw and though, it’d be a shame to trash it. I decided to go ahead and take a white out gel pen and throw down some contours.

I drew on top of the painting and pulled out this beastly aka. Cthuhlu!

A print or two later and we’ve got some nice work that we scanned in and polished up!


So this piece has seen it’s day in a few variations….so for an artist what more can I do? How else can I push it? I mean, Push it real good!


Well more iconic/pop posters for sure! Okay, I’m on board. Buuuut, what else can we do with those textures. There’s alot of wild stuff happening there right?

Enter my new college logo. SNHU.EDU!


We were assigned this logo to play with and learn us some tools via Adobe Photoshop. I decided to use the original scan from the painting in some fashion. I meant to put it within the circle that you now see red, but thankfully if it weren’t for happy accidents in art, I’d never catch a cab to a breakthrough!

I ended up copy/pasting the painting in the background and looove the textures.

See I grew up in a military family. We were often moving where ever the Marines Corps. thought fit to station us. So while I knew I had issues with authority I still embraced certain disciplines that you honestly can’t avoid due to sheer exposure. (Yea, I might be talking about the Simpsons too at the sametime I realized I was a Marine brat!).

At the end of the day when I decided to finally choose my next leg of education I chose Southern New Hampshire University (online).

I realized that I needed to get back in the game and be the first one in on the beaches of my fear of graphic design applications. Knowing that now as an older, family man, this path might also mean that I truly was also an army of one though I like to think I’ve had se eral helpful infantry along the way mind you.

-J.M. Hunter

25, 25, Twenty Five Squares to Goooooo…..I want to be sedated….

..With Egg Nog that is! Alright the big block is officially busted!

We are back my friends with Twenty Five squares designed and created in Adobe Illustrator! All objects foreign or otherwise were created in this application with the exception of the typeface which is a free typeface named, “Graffogie”, for you typography fans.

Utilizing the various shapes in the shape tool, along with modifying the stroke using the dash feature we layered various shapes and stroke thickness to compile the various designs you see here. Several copy/paste and grouping later and with a bit of rotation this schizo bingo, festive “messive”, (I just made that word up), began to take shape.

The lighter almost transparent aspects of the squares were done with the opacity feature and ultimately I am settling on calling this piece either X-Mas Gumbo or “Bad Gift Wrapper”!

What say you my merry audience?

-J.M. “Bah Homeboy”, Hunter.


Abandon All Hope(lessness), Ye Who Enter Here!

Because we are still learning and burning our foundation. That’s right, we build it up, break it down or burn it down then build again. So I wont comment too much this week as there’s quite a bit to still do!  We are slowly making the transition from photoshop projects and practices to Adobe Illustrator. So below is a preview of some Image Trace attempts and playing around with rgb to cmyk.

I’ll add notes in a follow up and my breakdown in the follow up post.

fallleave1 fallleaveblue hi-contrast_bwyellowleaf image_tracerugbyblk RGB_CMYKconvertColors

Application….No…(wait, what number AM I on?)…”Application Magic!”

Yea, that works right?

Welcome to Application Magic where I will attempt to dazzle you with more photoshop learnings and yearnings! So first up is an attempt at utilizing text within the photoshop application. I had a graphic design teacher once that was all about type and typography. Mark Hopkins would literally go to type-con every year and would even do field trips to this convention for the students. (I unfortunately had to miss out due to my son developing epilepsy and having complications as a baby). Alas, I never forgot a story Mark told us. He talked about one time meeting a creator of a particular font whose name escapes me. Mr. Hopkins mentioned to the fellow creator that he had use the typeface, however altered or skewed it a bit. The gentleman was flattered yet mentioned to Mr. Hopkins that he did alter his creation or text. I think that was a lesson that Mark and later the rest of us students learned. Even if photoshop lets you, don’t warp the type. Learn to design with it and come up with other aspects you can use it for/with.

Fast forward to this assignment and Prof. Tierney echoes the same sentiment about type in his instructional. Unless it’s my own font/typeface or letters I usually just try to re-size or color, or space characters out to achieve what I’m looking for. I used an American Typewriter bold font that I’m still having fun learning with to create my image/text. I later also used this image to create our other assignment which was an animated gif.

I thought about giving the reasons why I went with the actual quote and content I picked but then thought….”Why not let it “Speak”, for itself?”

So without further rambling here we have the image and quote, then followed by the gif.


Then the Animated Gif.