To Break his Chuck Connor’s in of course.



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Welcome, welcome to my latest Design-In-Progress blog titled, “Believe-In-Chicken”. This blog will be dedicated to exploring and shaping a design portfolio for my current class GRA-220, “Intro to Digital Imaging”. My instructor Frank Tierney is my guide and you if you’ve navigated your way here by purpose or happenstance are my sounding board. Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions as I am sure you’ll never outnumber my many, many queries, hah.

The efforts of Graphic Design or “GD”, as I’ve started to notice people, aka, “The Cool Kids”, are referring to it as, will be to explore my experiences as I strive to learn and grasp the concepts, (as well and especially), the tools that these efforts employ. You’ll see me fumble and fight my way upwards to this life-long goal of mine to grasp this beast. More importantly if you stick around you’ll also witness my triumphs and successes, be they accidental or intentional. I don’t promise you the world, just my particular perspective of it.

Enjoy the ride.

-J.M. Hunter


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