From Mind to Physical Plane and back to Print Again….A look back at the printed work of J.M. Hunter.


(*special note and credit to Greg Jolly for the “Indy Hunter” typeface).

With this last application we get to see some of the work I’ve done that’s made it into print in one form or another. We’ll look at paintings that were turned into prints as well as comic covers that also found themselves as prints.

Others are illustrations and a shot or two at some publications I’ve either headed up or been apart of. So enough with these things called words!

Let’s get to the fun stuff, the images!


(You remember this guy right? The Mighty Cthulhu watercolor and white out pen scanned in and via photoshop’s Image/hue and saturation as well as playing with some levels this turned into a nice looking print.)



(what you see here are two DanCon covers that I drew in pen and ink, then scanned into photoshop to adjust the levles to get a bit more crispness with the lines. I left the blue line pencil marks in as a way of adding some tone and for the people that appreciate the steps in process it takes to draw these up. These also eventually made their way to glossy prints.)


(various works that I’ve done compiled onto one mood board. Button designs, posters, the anthology BAM TOO! that I published and co-edited. I did the logo concept and a few friends and fellow artists did the rest of the cover design and Sarah Lindo provided the painting. We also have some inked doodles on post its for the Inktober event during the month of well….October.)

All in all I believe this wraps up my latest round of learning and design journey. I hope you’ll stick around in some fashion because there’s more to come!

Thank you.

-J.M. Hunter


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