25, 25, Twenty Five Squares to Goooooo…..I want to be sedated….

..With Egg Nog that is! Alright the big block is officially busted!

We are back my friends with Twenty Five squares designed and created in Adobe Illustrator! All objects foreign or otherwise were created in this application with the exception of the typeface which is a free typeface named, “Graffogie”, for you typography fans.

Utilizing the various shapes in the shape tool, along with modifying the stroke using the dash feature we layered various shapes and stroke thickness to compile the various designs you see here. Several copy/paste and grouping later and with a bit of rotation this schizo bingo, festive “messive”, (I just made that word up), began to take shape.

The lighter almost transparent aspects of the squares were done with the opacity feature and ultimately I am settling on calling this piece either X-Mas Gumbo or “Bad Gift Wrapper”!

What say you my merry audience?

-J.M. “Bah Homeboy”, Hunter.



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