Application….No…(wait, what number AM I on?)…”Application Magic!”

Yea, that works right?

Welcome to Application Magic where I will attempt to dazzle you with more photoshop learnings and yearnings! So first up is an attempt at utilizing text within the photoshop application. I had a graphic design teacher once that was all about type and typography. Mark Hopkins would literally go to type-con every year and would even do field trips to this convention for the students. (I unfortunately had to miss out due to my son developing epilepsy and having complications as a baby). Alas, I never forgot a story Mark told us. He talked about one time meeting a creator of a particular font whose name escapes me. Mr. Hopkins mentioned to the fellow creator that he had use the typeface, however altered or skewed it a bit. The gentleman was flattered yet mentioned to Mr. Hopkins that he did alter his creation or text. I think that was a lesson that Mark and later the rest of us students learned. Even if photoshop lets you, don’t warp the type. Learn to design with it and come up with other aspects you can use it for/with.

Fast forward to this assignment and Prof. Tierney echoes the same sentiment about type in his instructional. Unless it’s my own font/typeface or letters I usually just try to re-size or color, or space characters out to achieve what I’m looking for. I used an American Typewriter bold font that I’m still having fun learning with to create my image/text. I later also used this image to create our other assignment which was an animated gif.

I thought about giving the reasons why I went with the actual quote and content I picked but then thought….”Why not let it “Speak”, for itself?”

So without further rambling here we have the image and quote, then followed by the gif.


Then the Animated Gif.


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