Application 1. No One Gets Out of Here Alive….

Without being photoshopped of course!

So with our first Application assignment Frank Tierney wanted us to devote some time to doing two-fold. One, learning and utilizing some of the photoshop tools and features and Two, actually using them to add and tighten up our new blog/portfolio here!

So….allow me to walk you thru my first labor.

I AM HERCULES!!! (obligatory movie reference there).

The first part of our assignment was to crop a potential pic for our bio, (located in the “About Section of this site” or in the first post of this blog, you’ll have to scroll after this post.)

Here is photo of myself, J.M. Hunter at the SPACE show last spring. Behind me are my new found friends, table neighbors and fellow creators and artists Mellissa Brosius, (, and Sean Dempsey, (

We’re going to have to say goodbye to them for now, but you can find more of them and their work at the links next to their names above.

But as of right now? We need to do some crop dusting!!!

Wait, wait..

Cropping! Yes! We need to crop this picture!

(I need sleep).


So we go from the photo above and use the crop tool in Photoshop to get to…

Me, me,me, meeeeee!


I think we can maybe do something with the dullness of this photo? I mean it looks like it hasn’t quite waken up. Much the same as the dude of fatigue in the photo sipping the nice warm beverage eh?


hunt_space_coffeesipcrop  hunt_space_coffeesip

There we go. Nothing too drastic, (yet!)

I basically used the Image/levels to tighten up the lighting/contrast and over all crispness of this photo to make it more alive and brighter. Shame can’t be said about the ugly dude in the photo, haha.

But I did mention drastic didn’t I?  I mean what fun would photoshopping be if we didn’t break out some of the tools and start to play around right?

Growing up my favorite color for awhile was Purple.


Then I was also a fan of the Incredible Hulk!


Once again staying in Photoshop, using the Image/Adjustments we played with Hue/Saturation to go from perceived actual color to purple and blue. Play with the levers/sliders and you’ll find you can almost emulate any type of color or temperature among the main primary,secondary, and some tertiary hues.

Bu what if we didn’t want color?

Well also in Image/Adjustments we have the very fun Threshold feature!



So back to these two images again…


What if we really wanted to push some know make them HULK OUT!


Alriiiight, so they’re a little square.


Well that’s thanks to using another photoshop feature known as Filter/Stylize.

This particular setting is known as “extrude”, type “blocks”, size “30 pixels”, depth of “30”, and selection “random”.

Staying in Photoshop and Filter/Stylize you can make all kinds of image tricks.

Solarize for example?




This was set with Angle “135 degrees”, height “38 pixels”, and amount “137%”.


Throw all of these together on a mood board with a black background and what do we get?


All of this for a bio-pic you ask?!

Well yea. Why not? I mean I could either put a face to all of this zaniness…or I could be the type that just feels comfortable with his head down staring at his shoes…


The world isn’t always so black and white..

Unless you use threshold again!


All kidding aside, If you’re like me and had a constant case of photoshop phobia. Perhaps find a photo that allows you to take yourself out of the subject area momentarily because let’s face it…WE ARE ALL ALWAYS IN OUR ART!


Find a photo and play around with it. Maybe start simply with cropping, Image/Adjustments and the Hue and Saturation sliders.

I love Converse or Chuck Connors, Chuck’s even…and they come in plenty of colors…but who has that kind of money? I can just photoshop my clothes to the colors I want!

So let’s mix it up shall we?!




All types of variations. See?

So once again thank you for taking the tour with me through Application 1. After that walk, feel free to kick up your feet and relax until next time!

-J.M. Hunter



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